Abc news 2020 violence and dating

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Abc news 2020 violence and dating

Matteo Renzi, after becoming the new leader of the Italian Democratic Party, forced Enrico Letta to resign and was elected Prime Minister, starting a program of radical constitutional reforms.

Napolitano appointed Enrico Letta Prime Minister, at the head of a grand coalition.

Note: Names of country leaders shown below in bold face have remained in power continuously throughout the entirety of the decade (as of January 2018).

Hundreds of protesters marched into the financial district of Wall Street in New York City, beginning the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In a referendum held in the United Kingdom on whether or not to continue being a member of the European Union, 52% of voters chose to leave it.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation shortly afterwards.

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In the English-speaking world, a name for the decade has never universally been accepted in the same manner as for decades such as the '80s, the '90s, etc.

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  1. ” · Community notification refers to laws that require local law enforcement to publicly disclose relevant information about certain convicted sex offenders upon their release from prison, work release, or another secure facility.

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