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Aevum obscurum online dating

Age of Conquest is a medieval Risk-like turn-based strategy game.

As additions to the classic Risk, Age of Conquest features diplomacy, building options and basic economy management.

We've already seen speeches from players which have put the last US presidency to shame, and can't wait to see the latest ones.

In fact, you should immediately stop reading this and go to the official You Tube Nation States 2 channel".

Any registered player can submit their video to the official Youtube Nation States 2 channel at to be voted on by the public.

In true Nation States fashion, over the course of February the voters will choose the video to be used for the advertising campaign.' CEO of Jolt Online Gaming, Dylan Collins said "In the spirit of the recent Obama inauguration, we think that this is a time for leadership and such leadership deserves its place in a national TV ad campaign for Nation States 2.

Although similar to Risk, Age of Conquest is in fact based on an old and quite unknown strategy game called "Caesar" by Heiko Hartmann that was available on the Atari ST computer back in the days.

Its gaming properties include Legendsof,, Nation, uk and More information can be found at All the players can enter their orders simultaneously at the same time (in contrast to Risk), i.e.a player doesn't have to wait for others to finish their turns.I'll make the avatars smaller and increase the size for both the battle points and the gold.In regards to the name: I like Aevum Obscurum too but it was impossible for people to spell or to pronounce.

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