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Not a money-back guarantee, exactly, but an incentive to roll up your sleeves and join if marriage or an LTR is what you're after. But Jaumo is, in fact, the highest-rated dating app, according to Applause, an app-quality company.Bumble has really taken the dating game by storm of late. The popular app allows you to "share your moments," which will appeal to those who are Snapchat-obsessed, and promises to simplify "flirting and looking for a partner," which can be one and the same on this app.The ubiquitous app that everyone loves to hate or hates to love — or just, like, loves — is effective in part simply thanks to its saturation: Some 50 million people have Tinder, according to Wikipedia.Though the app is known for its nefarious hookup culture, people totally meet and fall in love here too. If it's love, be upfront about it in your self-summary.

Since we're talking about effectiveness, I have to include Align. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?

And, of course, there are some who just want to have fun, and don't even really want to date, per se — casual sex is their modus operandi. If that's what you're after, you likely want to try this.

All are valid, but just which app is best to download? Bonus points for lots of inviting profile pics and a robust, filled-out profile around here.

If your match is just looking for a lil' somethin'-somethin', they'll know to not come knocking on your door. Anyway, Hinge is all about introducing you to people who are connected to your real life Facebook friends, or to your Facebook friends' Facebook friends, so you'll never have more than one degree of separation when you meet. " is always a good starting line.)Match calls themselves "number one in dates, relationships and marriages," and they have the data to back this one up.

Any app that matches people based on friends of friends is a friend of mine. It's pricey, but if you don't find The One in six months, they'll give you another six months gratis. Since all of this matching we're doing online is pretty willy-nilly, mostly based on looks or the fact that two people happen to both love the writing of Andre Dubus or the singing of Jeff Buckley or the dancing of Isadora Duncan or whatever — aka it's so far from an exact science as to be downright laughable most of the time — why not rely on the stars to matchmake? I had never heard of this one until today, so don't panic if you're like, Huh?

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