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The case almost destroyed their family because they were against each other.

In conclusion, it is not good for husband and wife to be in the same profession because it has many negative effects on their children and their family as a whole. We have a lot of married people browsing Nairaland, and I am sure they will be happy to contribute their opinions.

Remember also that some couples today met in same class, same profession, moreso there are families whereby the parents and children are all accountants, or engineers.nothing bad about it other than the fact that they will drive their kids crazy with their occupational jargon (You need to be there when my cousins and my dad get together and start speaking in medical terms, they might as well be speaking in greek or urdu)but if its a tasking profession that yakes them away from each other it might cause marital difficulties like doctors on call 24 hours or actors and actresses at different locations .

if the wife outpaces the husband academically it might cause trouble in some homes.

Let's take for example the case of a husband and wife that are both legal practitioners, and there was a case that involved two of them.

It has many disadvantages for example, If the husband is an Accountant and the wife also an Accountant, they will have not enough time to stay with their children and this may have negative impact on the children.

I've seen people who are in the same profession and are couples. The money which suppose to go another man's pocket for defense was saved. Most parents that are of the same profession (mostly doctors, lawyers and those top people) always try to turn their kids into their kind. Even if we talked about something else we would get a way of boiling it down it to something we've just learnt or seen in the hospital. I have family members who are married, same profession, and worked in the same organization.

My former boss who worked with few years ago is medical doctor - gynecologist while his wife is medical doctor too - paediatrician. Femi Falana an arduous lawyer, an activist married a lawyer. My father, a renowned educationist married a teacher which really helped us(we the children)and we are doing well education wise and finaciall things are much more better now. If I see anyone from my profession and if she's OK for why not? I'll like someone totally different.maybe lawyers and medical professionals are already crazy I don't see how marrying another electrical engineer could possibly drive me crazy. Since one was the founder, clearly the other worked underneath. I don't see how being in the same profession would affect time spent with children or housekeeping any more than being in different demanding jobs. there is going to be job combinations that would keep both partners away from the home at critical moments.

It is not good for husband and wife to be in the same profession. At least one of their children will practise their profession, making it worse.4.

It may lead to unhealthy rivalry/competition between the couple.

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