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The fully jewelled Oysterquartz movement is widely considered the finest electronic movement ever produced in terms of robust design, finish and durability.

Our example, is a somewhat early model manufactured around 1980.

If you’re into these watches there is no explanation required, you know what you are looking at. It was delivered with the blue/red bezel and remained that way until quite recently when a factory red/black insert was ordered to change the look at bit.

The perfect and preferred red/blue as delivered bezel remains in the Rolex plastic shipping container.

Rolex took extraordinary measures to make their quartz watch better and more accurate than any other available.

A sensor found within the movement samples ambient temperature and adjusts the frequency of the quartz crystal accordingly.

It may be quite some time before one this nice comes along again. The public received this new Rolex with a lukewarm reception at best.It was a very slow selling model but managed to stick around until approximately the year 2000 when it was quietly retired.It has been estimated that only around 25000 Oysterquartz watches were produced during the entire 25 year production run making it one of the rarest regular production Rolex watches.When we acquired the watch it had never been serviced but was working perfectly well.After 12 years the movement wasn’t really dirty but it certainly was dry.

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We’ve seen a few steel examples and the occasional two tone Datejust Oyster Quartz but this is only the second Day-Date we’ve ever been able to offer.

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