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Dotvpn online dating

Dot VPN is a relatively young service that is more known as a free proxy service and browser extension (similar to Hola or Hotspot Shield) rather than a VPN service.Those looking for a free service to unblock certain websites will appreciate Dot VPN, but I'd like to see some big changes and increased transparency before I recommend the service.While we would like to see a completely log-free policy (such as Nord VPN), using Dot VPN to simply access blocked websites shouldn’t be too much of a problem.Dot VPN does not support torrents or any kind of P2P activity.While this could be a welcome sign for those who value anonymity, the typical VPN user will be disappointed.Pay Pal is the only option if you want to sign up for Dot VPN Premium.

Dot VPN enjoys immense popularity as a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.If you need urgent help, you are forced to wait hours (or even longer) for a response.As you can see in the screenshot above, I actually received a pretty quick answer to my request (just over an hour), but the level of English used was highly suspect.A Dot VPN Premium subscription seems pretty affordable when compared to some of the other VPN services I’ve reviewed.That being said, there are some issues with the service that should make you hesitate before signing up. Dot VPN Premium can be canceled within the first 30 days for a complete refund, while after the 30-day period a prorated refund is given.

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There is, however, quite a bit of poor English used on the website.

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