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There the largest settlements were found in Worcester and Gardner, with smaller ones in Springfield, Fitchburg, Boston, Quincy, Norwood, and in Woonsocket, R. The building trades claimed many in these cities also but metal manufacturing was the dominant occupation in Worcester and furniture manufacturing in Gardner.In the Middle West, in a broad area including lower and upper Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and northern Illinois, Finland Swedes settled in many towns and cities.

Emigration - Immigration Emigration from Finland to America was insignificant before 1880.After 1890 the percentage of women among the immigrants rose rapidly.As most of them were young, marriages became more frequent and families more common.The coastal areas of the province of Osterbotten were populated somewhat later by immigrants from Sweden.Finland was a part of the Swedish kingdom from the time of the crusades to the war with Russia in 1808-09.

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This condition with respect to language prevailed well into the latter part of the 19th century, but with the rise of Finnish nationalism and the development of the Finnish language as a literary medium that language, being spoken by the great majority of the people, gradually gained status and became dominant in both education and administration. However, in the new constitution of 1906 Swedish retained its status as the second official language of the country, and Swedish districts were guaranteed certain rights with respect to the use of their our language in education and administration.