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Irish singles dating site

In February 2012 the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC) restructure TV3's outstanding loans to the bank.The owners of TV3, Doherty Hanson & Co., have loans of €140million with the bank.In October 1988, the Independent Radio and Television Commission (IRTC) was set up to regulate new independent stations.Following this TV3 was intended to be the Republic of Ireland's third terrestrial channel.On average, TV3 spend about €10 million on internal productions which are generally for daytime viewers.It does not have a history of strong prime-time content; generally its home produced programmes consist of at least one independently produced programme, e.g.€51million will continue to be repaid over the next 5 years, while €81.1 will be frozen until a "liquidity event", according to the IBRC this is in the event of a sale of TV3.Product placement within Irish produced programming had previously been banned by broadcasting authorities in Ireland, though in the past Irish viewers have been used to product placement as seen on US television and film productions.

Similar to RTÉ and TG4 broadcasters will have to air the logo 'PP' at the beginning and end of the show to inform viewers that products will appear on the show.

However, UTV pulled out of negotiations in 1995, after TV3 tried to convince existing MMDS and cable television providers to drop UTV and replace it with TV3.

Cable operators declined to drop UTV Northern Ireland from its line-up.

Due to an EU ruling made in 2007, Irish broadcasters can now place products within programming mainly entertainment shows, though excludes programming which is deemed mainly 'news and current affairs' and programming aimed at children.

On 15 August 2011 it was confirmed that TV3 would become the first official broadcaster to implement the new broadcasting terms.

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Initially their signal coverage was much poorer than that of RTÉ but this has been largely addressed since the switchover to digital television.

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