Lolicon live chat website

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Lolicon live chat website

Bishounen (美少年) It refers to younger good looking guys.Not to be confused with Ikemen, which is used for more mature looking handsome men. Bokukko (ボクっ娘) Also known as "Bokko", it is a Japanese term for a girl that acts like a boy. a tomboy) The term originated from the fact that "Bokukko" tend to use "boku" (masculine form of I) rather than "watashi" (neutral form of I) when referring to themselves.2828 pronounced Niya Niya (ニヤニヤ) literally means grinning or smiling. It is used as an adjective to describe a person who has pleasant characterization of sugar or honey, but without something salty, sourly or nothing bitter. tried to combine) is a mix of two or more renditions of a song. Rather, a person, often unrelated, takes a few singers' covers and combines them to make a chorus-like version.

184 is a Nico Nico Douga term used in namahousous, which means "anonymous".

Their equivalent terms for male students are DK, DC, and DS, with the "D" in each acronym standing for Danshi (男子), or male, instead of "Joshi" The letters "jk" (usually in lowercase to differentiate from JK, above) are also used as shorthand for many other different phrases in the Japanese internet community, but most commonly joushikiteki ni kangaete (常識的に考えて) which literally means "to think using common sense", but colloquially "if you think about it" or "seriously".

Jitaku Keibi In or JK (自宅警備員), literally "Home Security Guard", is a term used by hikikomoris to refer to themselves. godly song) refers to songs that have achieved great fame and have received many covers.

However, on Nico Nico Douga , they are user-made medleys, usually very long, that function as a playlist of sorts.

Some are for specific purposes, such as "for going to sleep BGM" or "while doing homework BGM". Not to be confused with Bishoujo, which is used for younger looking pretty girls. Not to be confused with Bijin, which is used for more mature looking beautiful women.

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bkk stands for Bakaka (バカか), and is usually used when someone's an idiot.

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