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All versions of the Kaddish begin with the Hatzi Kaddish (there are some extra passages in the Kaddish after a burial or a siyum).The longer versions contain additional paragraphs, and are often named after distinctive words in those paragraphs.Most of it is written in Aramaic, which, at the time of its original composition, was the lingua franca of the Jewish people.It is not composed in the vernacular Aramaic, however, but rather in a "literary, jargon Aramaic" that was used in the academies, and is identical to the dialect of the Targum.For Oseh shalom it is customary take three steps back (if possible) then bow to one's left, then to one's right, and finally bow forward, as if taking leave of the presence of a king, in the same way as when the same words are used as the concluding line of the Amidah.

Following the death of a parent, child, spouse, or sibling it is customary to recite the Mourner's Kaddish in the presence of a congregation daily for thirty days, or eleven months in the case of a parent, and then at every anniversary of the death.

The Mourners, Rabbis and Complete Kaddish end with a supplication for peace ("Oseh Shalom..."), which is in Hebrew, and is somewhat similar to the Tanakh Job 25:2.

Along with the Shema Yisrael and Amidah, the Kaddish is one of the most important and central elements in the Jewish liturgy. Along with some prayers, it can only be recited with a minyan of ten Jews.

‎, qaddiš "holy"; alternative spellings: ḳaddish) is a hymn of praises to God found in Jewish prayer services.

The central theme of the Kaddish is the magnification and sanctification of God's name.

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This effort to extend the reach of Oseh Shalom to non-Jews is said to have been started by the British Liberal Jewish movement in 1967, with the introduction of v'al kol bnai Adam ("and upon all children of Adam"); NOTE: The phrase בן אדם (ben adam) pl.

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