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Delidding may still be a niche interest for PC hobbyists, but there's clearly a healthy demand.

: Google delidding even today and you'll mostly see images of razor blades next to gored CPUs, and find old forum testimonials about how to slice a processor in two without breaking it in the process.The end goal is simple enough: if you open the CPU successfully, you can replace the thermal compound with something better, lowering your CPU temperature dramatically.It seemed like an arcane art, and for a long time it was; who puts their CPU in a vice and hacks into it with a razor?The tool has been revolutionary in making delidding both safe and easy. You place your CPU in the Delid-Die-Mate's housing, slot in the slider above the CPU, and start cranking it with a hex key. But as long as you match the CPU's corner arrow to the Die-Mate's, you're golden.The CPU's heat spreader will pop off after only a few rotations. Since Hartung created the Delid-Die-Mate, a cottage industry of delidding tools has popped up.

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So I was like okay, maybe I can find a way to do it.

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