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The request and response, along with the members, are shown in the following table.

Each rollup attribute for an entity will also include two supporting attributes for the rollup attribute: Rollup attributes support a Calculate Rollup Field message that developers can use to calculate a rollup attribute value on demand.If you want to trigger the creation of a new Mass Calculated Rollup Fields job programmatically, retrieve the Attribute Metadata for the rollup attribute using Retrieve Attribute Request and use Update Attribute Request to update the attribute without making any actual changes.The Mass Calculated Rollup Fields job will occur immediately when a solution containing a rollup attribute is imported.attributes free the user from having to manually perform calculations and focus on their work.System administrators can now easily define a field to contain the value of many common calculations without having to work with a developer.

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Calculated attribute values are available in the retrieve plug-in pipeline.

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