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I was at her house doing a little job for her and it was quite calm.

My sister he left to mum to sort out, so she got spanked but that is all. A few years ago when I was married to my first wife she would spank me and cane me but it was quite irregular.

Until that is, when I was caned last week, when during a particularly intense... I came from a good background and my parents had no financial issues. a few days ago i agreed to be ********** by a bunch of guys from an internet dating site ,with the promise that if i satisfied them all i would get a long caning after and hopefully being watched by those who wish to see the man they just used ,tied bent over and caned,well to...

I attended an English Public School from the 40's to the 50's, the first warning I had of what was in store was the delight on my Father's face when he showed me that he had given permission for me to be birched if the Headmaster thought it necessary! I was sent to a boarding school aged 9 years in the early 1960's.

I've only ever experienced a mild caning; it hurt a bit, but this was obviously not what a real caning is like and did not satisfy my curiosity.

After a long time, I managed to persuade my wife to use a cane on me which I had bought specially for the purpose and to be fair, the... I am 64 years old and 58 years ago I got my first "proper" spanking from my Mother, she put me acrosss her knee, pulled down my short trousers and knickers (in our house my underpants were always called knickers) and she smacked my bare bottom very hard. While the popular places to cane I appreciate, I don't see so much about caning on the thighs and on the calves. The girl received the chastisement on the knickers only with a wooden ruler; they never got more than 6 strokes. Later in secondary school they were caned in very rare cases, but then only in... Definitely a sexual component to it, but it is more than just that. my friend and i often go mountain biking together and as we are both bi and have a love for spanking it often turns into a compition when we do down hill the person who wins gets to switch the others bottom with a cut branch and its 1 stroke per second so for the winner it can... One Friday afternoon the teacher hit the cane on a...

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Typically they would be delivered over my school shorts and I would remember how much I wanted to be naked or at least bare assed. This is quick thought on how I prepare for a caning and multiple partner sex,usually I try to get in a good head space 2 days before the event,by correcting my diet ( so I'm clean below) and shaving my bottom and and penis well,then on the day in mention I try to really look...