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Positiekleding online dating

Wij zijn het platform als je als mama hip door het leven wilt gaan.

Oftewel je houdt van de urban lifestyle, praat over meer dan baby's en houdt van eerlijke informatie (soms waait de roze wolk gewoon even weg).

you will forever be embedded in our love for eternity.

#dearbaby #38weeks #babyontheway #pregnancy #journey #babybump #preggers #preggo #blog #itsagirl #dubai #mydubai Baby #4! Before Training we had to take the notorious "pre-baby" picture, do a few lunges, contractions started, and baby came later this afternoon!

So many people say they LOVE being pregnant and as excited as I am and already ...

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Det er derimod trist, at der ikke er penge til at gennemføre arbejdet.

Baby is the size of an aubergine (fancy pants for eggplant). 💕 Did you ever feel insecure about how you carried baby?

I just had my #rodanandfields launch party with great success and it was so much fun -- skincare is fun!! Throughout this pregnancy I've had ups and downs like any pregnant, hormonal woman. I'm a little self conscience about being so bumped out already but not sure what to do about it except just roll with it! Done this before and my body just goes straight out with my 7 pound babies. Still throwing up but for sure not as much as weeks 5-8. We are praying so hard for this sweet babe and mentally preparing myself for crazy coming our way. but people witnessing/commenting on us having 5 kids. We all know not to be hard on ourselves but I go there.

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So many people say they LOVE being pregnant and as excited as I am and already so in love with my coconut, being pregnant is bloody hard work.