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Danny and Agent Bell come to see Nigel Lewis (Alex Hazen Floyd) at school; he claims to know nothing about Dylan dealing drugs but Danny says a teacher told them they used to party together and want to look inside his locker.

Danny says he isn’t the guy they are looking for, but he could be.; when he gets cocky, Bell tells him that she knows a lot of smart kids who end up in prison for drugs.

Danny is distracted as Bell tells him that maybe Stratton will be more forthcoming once he is through withdrawal and tries to reassure him that Baez will recover.

Frank comes to see Carlton Miller, asking him if the Mayor was aware of the Governor platooning Troopers to her city?

Frank tells him he doesn’t get a big “Thank you” for the mess he made; he denies it.

Frank says his job threats don’t scare him off and wants to know why he is there, in his house.

Frank stops beating around the bush, saying there has always been an overlap between city and state cops that they have been able to manage through effective communication until now.

The next day, Jamie and Eddie confront Michael Ruiz about Tripp’s beating when they see his hand all cut and bruised.

He admits they had an argument but it was Tripp who assaulted him first, he voluntarily goes with them to the precinct.

He insists he hasn’t done anything wrong and just wants to be left alone.

Jamie says the parents in the building feel the same way and he needs to respect that.

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At the hospital, Danny comes to see Baez who is still unconscious.

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