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Sedating triple warmer

Just because you decide these emotions are now acceptable, Triple Warmer doesn’t necessarily agree.

Your decision to be unconditionally present with unpleasant emotions doesn’t feel like “standard operating procedure” and it’s going to sound out the alarm.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,(PTSD) is Triple Warmer in Living with PTSD is adding another layer of stress to your nervous system besides the normal everyday stress.

An innocent smell, sound or memory can trigger an emergency response that literally makes you feel like you are living in a war zone in your body.

The elevated cortisol levels stay in the blood and it can become a serious problem.

If this stress hormone is not released, it builds up in the body and can lead to all kinds of diseases and early aging and death.

Because of its central role in the body’s survival, Triple Warmer is always pulling energies from other meridians.

But because Triple Warmer pulls from Spleen meridian first (because Spleen is its partner from across the Flow Wheel), depletion of energy on Spleen meridian is almost epidemic.

We usually think of food when we think of metabolism, but Spleen meridian also governs the “metabolism” of, or ability to process, pollutants, environmental energies, stress, shock, and even thoughts and emotions.There’s also a 5 minute daily energy routine to keep your energies flowing as well as a 10 minute Gigong routine to reduce cortisol levels and move the tense stress energies out of your body.Teal suggests: “If you struggle with anxiety, be deliberate about setting up a schedule and routine that keeps the stress energies minimal.When Triple Warmer is always on high alert and you are constantly in fight-or-flight, instead of protecting you, your immune response has become a hindrance and feels like the enemy.Is there anything we can do to help Triple Warmer evolve and catch up with the times? By simply holding specific accupressure points on your head (neurovasculars) while you are experiencing fear and stress emotions, you are literally reprogramming your autonomic nervous system to not go into a crisis response when you feel upset or stressed.

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