Server exchange skills technology updating windows

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Server exchange skills technology updating windows

CU2 included a number of important fixes and features, including: Support for . Power Shell Cmdlet updates: Public Folder Migrations – A data loss problem encountered on Public Folder Migrations from previous versions of Exchange has been fixed.Net 4.6.1 – CU2 now fully supports servers running . Prior to this update, it was recommended that exchange was removed before updating from . The data loss would occur if all the folder replica’s weren’t on the primary database on the server that the migration services connected to.Mailbox Anchoring – Exchange Server 2016 CU1 and Exchange Server 2016 CU 11 implements something called mailbox anchoring.

And as a final note, Microsoft have started the countdown to the end of support for Exchange Server 2007, scheduled for 11th April 2017.If there were a mixture of Exchange Server 2013 CAS and Exchange Server 2016 CAS’s in a load balanced array, and if the Power Shell remote session happened to login to an Exchange Server 2013 CAS, then Power Shell was unable to use any of the new cmdlets that became available in Exchange Server 2016.If all the servers have been upgraded to Exchange Server 2013 CU11 or Exchange Server 2016 CU1 as appropriate, the EMS behaviour is changed so that in remote sessions it is proxied through to the server where the mailbox is located (mailbox anchoring).Further information on the Exchange Server Cumulative Update 3 can be found here: Cumulative Update 3 for Exchange Server 2016 You can now consider yourselves brought up to speed on the latest Exchange Server 2016 features and updates.With over 22 years real world and training experience, Gordon is our most senior IT Infrastructure trainer.

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Please find part 2 of my synopsis of the Exchange Server 2016 features and updates, started in my blog Exchange Server 2016 features and updates .

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