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Published continually since 1998, "NEWS YOU CAN USE" was a Blog before "Blog" was even a word!It's intention has been to help inform the football coach and the interested football observer on a wide variety of toovoking.In cover 2, if the corner’s not going to be covering that receiver man-for-man (in which case he REALLY blew it) he has to jam him and keep him from releasing clean. But the Georgia corner took a head fake and let the receiver sprint right past him, unimpeded - he didn’t even touch him.Meanwhile, the QB did a great job of looking the opposite way, freezing the safety.So, for a limited time, I’m offering a SPRING SPECIAL - just in time for your pre-season planning - “EVOLUTION OF AN OFFENSE” at HALF PRICE!.95 And if you’re new to the Double Wing and you purchase my basic package - I’ll include EVOLUTION OF AN OFFENSE at no charge.*********** Even more astounding than the decision by Saban to pull his starting quarterback - last year’s SEC Player of the Year - was the fact that his backup quarterback was game-ready.In the age of the spread, as offenses have become more and more quarterback-intensive, we’ve grown used to seeing team after team go all to hell when its starting QB has gone down.

Granted, there are more ways these days , including extra coaches and VR aids, but it’s still not likely that Tua got near the practice reps that Jalen Hurts did.True, it was mostly mop-up action, but the point is that they got him in the games whenever they could.I’m constantly disappointed at the number of teams that still have their starting QBs in the game even when the score’s way out of hand.On the last play, the Alabama SE takes his outside release and the CB turns his hips and legs to the outside. As soon as the CB turns, the SE breaks straight up the field doing a good imitation of the 100 Yard Dash and the CB, having turned outside, now has to turn back inside and pray for late help from the Safety. Good, solid technique won that play and another National Championship for Alabama.Answered prayers were in short supply on both sides of the ball. Charlie Wilson Crystal River, Florida *********** A Stanford cornerback named Quenton Meeks has announced that he is ready to “pursue his ultimate dream” and declare himself eligible for the draft.

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Think of your ordinary big city traffic jam, then compress it down to one winding, two-lane road - and throw in the certainty that a tsunami is going to wash over you all in 30 minutes… *********** Shep Clarke of Puyallup, Washington writes, “Didn’t know the quiz answer, But the story about the Kansas gridder/grappler inspired me to see if there was anyone emulating him at D1.