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The writers are not adverse to making political statements of the progressive kind. Please show as many Crime Scene Cleaner episodes as possible!The shrewd adeptness of these proclamations just adds to the brilliance of the show.

Summed up, what I was hoping to be a breakthrough in the national TV-landscape ended up as a complete and disgraceful failure. If this is the best and funniest thing German TV has produced in decades, as many people claim it to be, it's just another sad proof that German TV and especially German comedy of nowadays absolutely sucks and is still light years away from the quality of US-American, British or Northern European TV.

Though it took a lawsuit to make Feldhusen admit it was an adaptation : D But after all, "Stromberg" was somewhat different and entertaining, no matter if it was another rip-off of the British cult-series. Feldhusen as a Director can't bring anything to it.

The people don't seemed inspired or pushed or led to a great performance, the very least you'd expect by a Director.

This is a shame because we Germans actually have some great comedians that prove that we actually can be very funny.

If you want to see some really good German Comedy, you should rather watch the output of people like Loriot, Otto, Hape Kerkeling, Helmut Dietl, Familie Heinz Becker or Gerhard Polt.

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But to say that CSC "sucks" in comparison to what's on American TV is a gobsmacker. First of all, I must say I was rating this show one point below it's actual quality because of the ridiculous hype and the massive disappointment that came with that.