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“These haters usually have a high expectation of what it means to be successful, which is higher than they are able to attain,” he wrote in “The Effect of de-individuation of the Internet Troller on Criminal Procedure implementation: An Interview with a Hater (pdf),” published in the .

“This results in them resenting others who think they are successful but whom fall below their standards.

“Companies need to consider their revenue model, how much activity the trolls actually represent and the overall impacts in both directions.” Cutting down on abuse may make the platform more attractive to current and potential users, for example.

“Ultimately, these firms have to decide what kind of company they want to be,” he adds.

Trolling — a term that has become a catch-all encompassing a spectrum of bad online behavior — poses major challenges to social media sites, publishers and retailers.

“When trolling gets bad, it can really wreck the experience of any customer who wants to use the online service.

Trolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, Suler says, though the basic categories are immature teenagers, chronically angry and frustrated people who take it out on others, narcissists and sociopaths.

It’s no wonder that when Cinderly, a new fashion app for girls, announced its launch, the start-up said that a no-trolling pledge for users would come with the deal, “since the internet can be a nasty place.” Indeed it can.

But it’s not just the stereotypical malcontent who is spewing digital invective.

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A White House national security aide was fired after being unmasked as the anonymous Twitter troll who had been taunting senior government officials.