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Select’s student accommodation brand, VITA, offers students the very best in living accommodation with on-trend designs and services.

Medlock were responsible for the delivery of bespoke joinery to the reception and communal areas throughout.

With a capacity of 800 people, Lazy Lizard will be a premium destination offering something new to the city's late-night scene.Parrott demanded they meet for sex on August 29 and asked 'Amy' to send naked photos.'Amy' then told him about her younger relatives, a boy and girl, to which he replied: 'I want them, too.'He then asked for pictures of the children and also said he wanted to 'touch her mum'. Officers arrested Parrott, who admitted sending the messages, but said the threats were not genuine.He admitted attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity and attempting to communicate sexually with a child.Parrott's chats with the paedophile hunters exposed his sick desires for sex with children.He used his own picture and gave his name and age, to which 'Amy' replied saying she was 13 and from Newcastle.

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The two-storey timber-framed building was constructed and fully fitted out by the Medlock team in a timescale of 23 weeks.

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